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Mesmereyes Mascara is a very high end mascara system.  It retails for $55 per set.  Right now for a limited time it is on sale for $19 plus shipping.  You are getting over 65% off the MSRP.  This is an amazing offer and only good for a limited time.  Purchase now to save big!

Go False-Free with up to 12 hour long wearing fiber mascara.  Comfortable fiber lashes that last and don’t weigh your eyes down.  Regular mascaras usually consist of a one-step process, in which you simply apply the mascara to your eyelashes.  On the other hand, our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Plus Primer requires a four-step process, but delivers a truly dramatic result. Depending on how many coats you wear, you can magnify your lashes up to 300% without falsies.


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