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The Ultimate Mascara System


The Primer is the Ultimate Mascara Primer.

The lashes start growing with just one coat!

Smooth, condition, and boost your lashes with this must-have primer! Simply apply before using gel and fiber for instant volume.

This extremely volumizing, superthickening, all-in-one formula creates the look of big, bold, separated lashes that last all day.

  • Flake-, clump- and smudge-resistant.

  • Ophthalmologist-tested; suitable for contact lens wearers.

  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy; suitable for sensitive eyes.

  • Fragrance-free.

Step 2

The Volumizing Gel

This amazing gel holds the lashes up to increase the length that the fibers will give you. This makes your eyelashes appear longer, thicker and much lusher than all the lengthening and volumizing mascaras out there.

You apply an even coat to one eye at a time for best results.  

  • Enhances and magnifies your natural eyelashes up to 500%

  • Never tested on animals

  • Premium Formula with Highest Quality Natural & Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Step 3

Extension Fibers are all natural and easy to use.  These amazing fibers will grow your lashes to amazing lengths.

The best part of this mascara is the fact that the fibers do not flake. It is water and smudge proof which means that you can wear it all day, every day and for every occasion without worrying.

  • High quality natural ingredients – tea fibers

  • Water resistant.  Easily washes off at night with soap and water

  • Flake free and Hypoallergenic.  Safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes

  • Non-Toxic  – Cruelty Free, never tested on animals

Mesmereyes Ultimate Mascara System

We know that trying to find the perfect mascara for you can be overwhelming in today’s market of thousands of products.  Mesmereyes creators sought to develop a mascara system unmatchable in performance using only the finest, safest ingredients, creating the ultimate mascara system with no other enhancements needed to have eyelashes truly Mesmerizing!

Our Product

Three tubes in a four step process will change the way you see beautiful, enhanced eyelashes. Follow the following steps to have the ultimate, mesmerizing lashes!  

Step 1: Apply desired amount of the Ultimate Primer on both sets of lashes, one eye at a time.  Let dry.

Step 2: Apply an even coat of Volumizing Gel on one set of lashes.

Step 3: Before Volumizing Gel has time to dry, apply Extension Fibers onto same set of lashes.  Let set for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 4: Seal the fibers with an additional coat of the Volumizing Gel.

Follow steps 2 to 4 for the other set of lashes.

Tip – Repeat steps 2 to 4 for a more dramatic look!


Mesmereyes Ultimate Mascara System will allow you to achieve real results while dramatically increasing your length and volume.  In four simple steps, Mesmereyes will enhance your beauty routine and give you real, natural results that no one will believe.  We are confident that once you use Mesmereyes Ultimate Mascara system you will no longer be able to use any other mascara product.  Receiving your desired results every single time, achieving mesmereyes lashes!